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Chucs Restaurant Multi Factor Authentication Rollout

The Brief/Challenge

Chucs Restaurants are a much-acclaimed group of restaurants in iconic locations across London since 2014.
Chucs have been a client of LP Networks for a number of years and during an account review, LP Networks recommended they should enter a Roadmap of Security improvements working towards a compliancy level of at least CyberEssentials.
The brief was to quickly increase the security around Email due to the increased and consistant Email breaches being experienced across many businsesses during the Covid period.  The challenge was to implement quickly and remotely to all users with no loss of service.

The Solution

As part of a suite of Security solutions, initially LP Networks recommended that Chucs Restaurants activate 2FA/MFA (Two Factor Authentication) onto their Microsoft 365 environment. This means they receive an additional layer of security to their email accounts and would stop mailbox breaches due to credential stuffing or similar password compromise.
After some further consultation, LP Networks worked with the users at Chucs Restaurants to install the Microsoft Authenticator App onto their smartphone’s and explain how to use it when logging into their emails and the reasons behind it.
When users log into their emails via a browser or setting up their email on an email app, it will ask them to authenticate by sending a notification to their smartphone to approve the sign in request. 
Once approved, the user can then access their email account.


  • Improved security on their emails
  • Decreases the probability that an attacker can impersonate a user and gain access to computers, accounts or other sensitive data
  • Improves compliance to any accreditation or auditing
  • Client is now engaging in security improvments that will reach into other areas of the IT Estate
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