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Cyber Essentials Renewal – South East Enterprise


The Customer 

Our Client, South East Enterprise is one of the leading enterprise agencies in London providing a range of business services for start-ups and established businesses.

They combine one-to-one business support with high quality training which enables their clients to develop the practical skills and knowledge required to build a sustainable business. 

The Challenge    

LP Networks has been working with Tony Goldstein, Managing Director at SEE for a number of years. Not only do we support SEE with their IT, but there have also been some great joint working opportunities where both sides have supported each other. 

LP Networks Director Lee Pepper is both a Cyber Essentials & IASME Governance Assessor and therefore understands the most common cyber threats. 

However, across all industries, there has been a significant increase in targeted Cyber & Ransomware attacks trying to leverage lack of staff awareness surrounding potential threats. 

SEE’s Cyber Essentials Certification was due for renewal, and they wanted to ensure their commitment to Cyber Security.

The Solution 

Cyber Essentials is an effective, Government backed scheme that will help you to protect your organisation, whatever its size, against an entire range of the most common cyber-attacks. 

  • Firstly, a portal setup document was emailed to SEE to fill in their details.
  • Once the completed document was received, Lee set up SEE in the IASME portal and credentials were sent via SMS
  • SEE were then able to complete the assessment online and once submitted this was sent to Lee for review and assessment. 
  • Lee created some actions from the online assessment and advised SEE that more info was required. 
  • This led to SEE receiving some guidance on their assessment with Lee.
  • LP provided additional guided consultancy to make sure all areas were covered 
  • LP Networks will notify SEE when it is time to recertify.


  • Protection against the most common cyber attacks 
  • These Technical Controls include Firewalls, secure configuration, control user access, anti-malware, and phishing. 
  • Increased credibility and reputation for your clients 
  • Achieving Cyber Essentials Certification shows your commitment to protecting your own data and that of your clients. It demonstrates that you are working in a safe and secure digital environment.
  • New Business opportunities
  • If you are looking to bid for government contracts, you will need to be Cyber Essentials Certified. 

What Our Client Says 

We work almost exclusively for local government and our Cyber Essentials Certification provides the important reassurance to our clients that we take cyber security seriously and are a trusted supplier.

We have worked with LP Networks for several years and share some common goals within the area that we work. Once again Lee has helped us to navigate through the Cyber Essentials self-assessment, providing invaluable guidance to enable us to achieve certification. Often when we re-certify, some aspect of our infrastructure that needs attention or updating is identified and we make the necessary changes as advised by Lee. It’s the clear explanations and professional approach that we get from Lee and the team at LP Networks that makes them our go to provider for Cyber.

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