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Dakota Blue Consultancy - Kent IT Support Case Study

Dakota Blue Consultancy Case Study

Based in Ashford, Kent, Dakota Blue Consultants are a friendly team of Director level HR professionals, providing practical HR and Training solutions to various businesses across sectors, including construction, education, marketing and more.

As a full managed service client of LP Networks, a company providing IT support in Kent, the team at Dakota Blue Consulting regularly look to us to find new ways of using the latest IT systems to enhance efficiency within the business, and to increase the security of their clients data. 

Client Challenge – Improve Password Handling and Provide A Flexible Phone Solution

With a rise in the number of confirmed cybersecurity breaches globally being due to stolen, weak or reused passwords, our first challenge as Kent IT support for Dakota Blue was to improve password handling and security throughout the organisation.

Our second challenge was to enhance the company’s current remote working solution with a flexible phone solution. Making it simpler to manage and more secure, particularly for staff members that regularly work between home, on site and with clients. 

Solution 1. Implementing a Password Management Tool

For the first challenge of improving password handling and password security for Dakota Blue, we added a password management tool to their IT network that staff could access via their phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

What is a Password Management Tool?

A password management tool is software designed to securely store, manage and organise passwords for various online accounts. The tool acts like a digital vault where users passwords are encrypted behind a master password.

Effective password tools will often include helpful features, like the ability to generate strong and unique passwords, auto-fill login credentials, and sync across devices, including phones, laptops, tablets and desktops.

Benefits Of A Password Management Tool for Dakota Blue Consulting

The main reason for implementing a password management tool for the client was to improve online security across the organisation by encouraging team members to use unique passwords for each account they needed to access.

With the password management tool in place, the risk of security breaches due to stolen, weak or reused passwords is significantly reduced, and the client also benefits from some of the key features of this type of software, including:

  • It works on any device – This includes phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • It only requires one master password – This will be a unique login password which can also be regularly updated.
  • It will auto-fill passwords into websites and apps – This feature helps speed up productivity and efficiency.
  • Payment Cards - can also be auto-filled and stored.
  • It helps staff to spot fake websites – This is a powerful line of defence against phishing attacks, particularly as Dakota Blue handle the confidential data for a wide range of clients.
  • It notifies users of known data breaches – This feature gives staff an easier way to update passwords in plenty of time.
  • Audit feature - can give a score on stored passwords as an analysis/overview for the company. 
  • It provides the option of two-factor authentication and encryption – A feature which further enhances the organisations overall cybersecurity strategy.
  • Securely share passwords - This feature allows passwords can be shared within business amongst team members.

Solution 2. Implementing Microsoft Teams Phone

For the second challenge of providing a flexible phone solution for Dakota Blue’s hybrid workers working from home, on the road, and on site, we had a thorough discussion with the. client around areas that could be improved. The addition of a flexible phone solution was one of our solutions, and we integrated Microsoft Teams Phone into the clients existing IT network.

What is Microsoft Teams Phone?

Simply put, Microsoft Teams Phone is a cloud-based phone system which allows you to make and receive voice and video calls on various devices over an internet or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) connection.

Why Microsoft Teams Phone was the right solution for Dakota Blue

As a modern HR consultancy firm utilising a hybrid working format, many of the team members at Dakota Blue are often on site, with clients, or working from home, meaning that a secure and reliable remote form of communication is vital.

As Microsoft Teams Phone fully integrates in the Microsoft 365 cloud with Microsoft Teams, team members now have a simple to manage phone, chat and meeting system that can be accessed from anywhere, and on most devices.

The Key Features of Microsoft Teams Phone

As a result of the integration of Microsoft Teams Phone into Dakota Blues existing IT infrastructure which already included Microsoft 365, team members now have access to various standout features, including the ability to –

  • Make and answer calls from anywhere: These can be one-on-one calls, or group calls directly from a chat in Teams, and on most devices with an internet connection.
  • Transfer and ring back: This feature means Dakota’s team members can easily transfer calls then choose ring back if there’s no answer.
  • Transfer calls between devices: This feature allows Dakota’s team members to seamlessly transfer calls between devices while on a call, and wherever they are.
  • Transcribe calls: With this feature, users can concentrate on the what’s being said in the call, then go back to the transcription once the call has ended.
  • Activate an auto attendant: This feature allows clients calling Dakota Blue to access a menu so they can be transferred to the right person or department

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