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Dark Web Reporting Solution Case Study - Anonymous Client

One of our clients is a premium events caterer with some of the most exclusive venues around Europe.


The Brief/Challenge

One of our clients is a premium events caterer for some of London’s leading events, with some of the most exclusive and prestigious venues in the UK and around Europe.

Our client was witnessing several issues around spoofed emails and were being sent requests for money transfers from what appeared to be users within their organization. Additionally, the business was concerned about their password practices and if any employee credentials were duplicated across more than one system.

They were concerned if any of their personal data/information may have been breached and if such information as usernames and passwords were out on the web.

After a thorough consultation and review with LP Networks, it was agreed that implementing a Dark Web Monitoring solution would be advantageous.
The brief was to:

  • Provide a way to determine if their passwords or information was getting out to the web.
  • Identify to the business, if passwords were available on the web, were the employees aware of duplicating these in other systems.
  • Have live and immediate notifications when new information was released.

The Solution

LP Networks as a partner of ConnectWise-Continuum enabled their Fortify product for the client. The Fortify product is an advanced cybersecurity solution providing managed detection and response protection. After the initial set-up, LP Networks configured the product to look for anything on the dark web relating to passwords under the clients' domain. 

The initial report identified there had been passwords out in the dark web which they were using, this prompted users to change passwords immediately which they use on a regular basis, so if anyone did have those passwords, they would now be changed.

As part of this service for any new password that is found listed on the Dark Web, LP Networks will be able to report this immediately to the client, so they can take direct action by reviewing and then changing and related passwords.

Benefits of Dark Web Monitoring

This client now has a way of finding out if their password information has been shared on the dark web.

  • The solution provides reporting of any new breaches
  • Peace of mind to know their information is secure
  • Increased awareness of passwords being sold to the dark web
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