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Internet provision by Starlink

The Client 

A family business established in 1985 who offers  the perfect cleaning service to their clients

The company’s reputation is defined by their customer service, and they are proud of their ability to deal with any circumstance effectively and personally.  

The Brief/Challenge

The client's home is located rurally, and the quality of the local internet provision was not providing enough bandwidth to support everyday life. We suggested that the satellite based solution offered by Starlink could be a suitable alternative. 

The Solution

It was decided that a trial was to be started with Starlink which boosted the connection from 5mb to 140mb.  Starlink is the world's first and largest satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit to deliver broadband internet capable of supporting streaming, online gaming, video calls and more.

Starlink delivers high-speed, low-latency internet to users all over the world, it not only leads the industry in innovations to reduce satellite brightness, but also on-orbit debris mitigation- meeting or exceeding all regulatory requirements and industry standards. 

Before any trial could start, a site survey was needed to make sure the estate was able to have the Starlink Internet. Only on that inspection, was our client then able to proceed with a trial. 

LP engineers firstly prepared for the trial offsite to setup & test the Starlink. The following needed to be setup:

  • Tested location with app 
  • Setup Starlink satellite and run cable 
  • Set SSID and password and wait for satellite to calibrate.
  • Perform tests - 180Mb down 15Mb up. 
  • Look up accessories - ethernet adapter
  • Set to 'stow' mode within app  
  • Pack away to test on-site 

After the initial tests were completed, our engineer met with the client onsite to further discuss the installation process.  The installation process included: .  

  • Review best and secure location for the satellite dish.Liaise with the Client on best method for satellite cable outside to in. 
  • Installation of Cable
  • Test connectivity - 100Mb initial - further testing up to 240Mb once calibrated. 
  • Reset all Sky Q boxes and link to Starlink internet to test streaming capabilities.
  • Discuss permanent mounting options for satellite Provide advice on the best system  for wireless coverage in house.

The test installation set up was then left in place for the client to use and review for a week  During this period, we had a few discussions with our client on how things had been and what changes were required.

These included:

  • Running speed tests have ranged from 25-200Mb - but hasn't lost connection at all that they've noticed. 
  • Discuss internet coming in then also wireless speeds from router to device in the house and how this would impact those speeds. 
  • Advised a mesh solution is needed to improve this side of the connection and stabilise the fluctuating speeds around the home. 
  • WAP

Once the Starlink Trial was over, our client decided they wanted to proceed with the Starlink Internet not just for their home but also for their business which was next door. Fitting of the satellite was arranged with the engineers from Starlink along with LP. This included:  

  • Disassemble current temporary set up of Starlink. 
  • Setup internal networking - home plugs and WAPs. 
  • Test wireless coverage around house 
  • Start connecting devices to new Meraki Go Mesh system for when satellite is installed and internet live. 
  • Testing devices and connect remaining that require internet - assist with connecting alarm and gate intercom. 
  • Troubleshoot Sky Q and Mini boxes 
  • Explain whole set up to client and provide advice in respect of fully WAP set up. 

We also discussed with our clients WIFI names for both home & guest as well as adding Password.

The Benefits

  • Our client now has high-speed internet and unlimited data 
  • Offered in areas where traditional broadband providers cannot (such as rural, remote areas) 
  • More Mobile and Portable 
  • Easy Setup of the device 

Clients Comments 

"Mike and Lee were very informative and were great in planning the trial and implementation of Starlink and creating a network around the house. So far so good, we have exception broadband speeds for our location and hopefully this will be a game changer for people living in the country."

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