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Keeper Password Management Setup - HR Rewire Case Study

The Customer 

Our client, HR-rewired is a Niche advisory firm which partners with companies ready to take the right steps to advance racial equity in the workplace. 

Their team of exceptional individuals from a wide range of Industries specialise in creating safe spaces for brave conversation. 

The Challenge    

HR-rewired Joined LP Networks in December of last year, where we set up an on-boarding plan for them as they were looking for a Managed Service Provider to support their small business. 

HR-Rewired turned to LP Networks, as a well trusted, affordable IT Managed Service Provider, with good knowledge, experience, and an appetite to keep up to date on the latest technology innovations. 

They now wish to have Keeper Software installed on their machines to allow users to store online credentials securely. 

The Solution 

Keeper is a password manager that allows users to store online login credentials, documents and images, and other sensitive information in an encrypted digital web vault. Users can also store two-factor authentication codes. The keeper will generate random passwords which it then remembers. 

These are the steps we took to do this ... 

  • Initially, Mike set up a Keeper account for HR-Rewired and this included installing the software. 
  • Mike Imported passwords from where the users currently them have saved (on browsers) 
  • Mike then arranged a Teams call with Shereen, Laura and colleagues to go through the features, to explain how the Keeper tool will be a more efficient and effective way of password management as well as being more secure for them and their customer data. Our client only needs to remember the one strong Keeper password, and keeper will do the rest. 
  • Finally, Mike ran through the users current password score and worked with them to improve those passwords, so they are as strong as possible. 


  • Keeper is the first line of defence against identity breaches. 
  • Users only have to remember one Keeper password and Keeper will do the rest and so removes the pain of having to remember password. 
  • Top rated mobile, desktop and browser apps enhance productivity for users
  • Ultimate security, visibility, and control. 

What Our Client Says 

The password keeper is an excellent tool to have, and something all businesses should install for peace of mind when it comes to password, and cyber security.

Mike was very helpful with the set-up; he took his time to explain the system and did a thorough scope of works beforehand so the process was very easy. The team feedback was very positive, and we are very satisfied with the service received. 

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