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LitePro Solution Case Study - Medical Sector

The Brief/Challenge

Our new client, an independent medical secretary service, contacted LP Networks through a recommendation; looking for professional IT support in order to ensure security and maintain GDPR compliance.
They were interested in the LitePro package we offer on our website and designed for smaller businesses. Part of the brief was to ensure that their existing phone system was linked to the new IT systems.
Our client had never used a professional IT support company before; being an independent company their IT was managed internally, and they needed a professional solution for it to be managed externally; allowing them to focus on their business.

The Solution

They turned to LP Networks, as a recommended, trusted, and affordable IT Managed Service Provider. Our Lite Packages are designed with small businesses in mind.

The solution for this Medical Secretarial Service was the LPN Lite PRO package which includes: 

In addition to the Lite Pro package our we have also:

  • secured their domain,
  • transferred them to a professional email service,
  • built their new tenancy around the domain.
  • We ensured our onboarding and implementation process is delivered with the client's needs at the centre; making sure that clients have minimal downtime or interruption to their work systems as possible.


Our Client now has a full Managed IT support agreement with LP Networks, the benefits include:

  • Onsite Support if we are unable to resolve a client's issue over the phone, one of our experienced engineers will attend your offices.
  • Increased email protection with Multi-factor authentication & Advanced Threat Protection
  • Endpoint protection adhering to the highest compliance with Patch Management, Anti-Virus, Web-Filtering, Anti-Ransomware, and Encryption.
  • Office 365 Premium License, the license allows you to install and use the standard office application (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • As part of the Office 365 license, you have the ability to store data within OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • Mobile Device Management, with our mobiles being such a vital piece of equipment our MDM solution allows us to monitor and secure the endpoint device
  • Cyber Essentials Device Monitoring, Most businesses in the UK will look to achieve the UK Government’s Cyber standard, called Cyber Essentials. The basic level is a self-certified solution. By installing the agent on both your device and mobile, not for the day of assessment, but for the whole year, you can qualify if your equipment meets the Cyber Essentials Standard.

Client Quote

‘’ I’m so happy with everything LP networks have done, it has made me see what a competent IT company can do, plus the check-ins have been brilliant. Absolutely delighted‘’

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