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Multi-Factor Authentication Rollout - Chucs Restaurants

Chucs Restaurants, an acclaimed group of Italian-inspired restaurants and cafes across West London, have garnered a reputation for culinary excellence since their inception in 2014. As a long-standing client of LP Networks, We highlighted the growing importance of cyber security in order to protect their customers’ sensitive information and aligning with industry best practices and compliance standards. 

Client Challenge: Strengthening Cybersecurity 

With a commitment to delivering an exceptional dining experience, Chucs understood the importance of safeguarding customer data, especially given the increasing incidents of email breaches during the Covid Pandemic. We conducted an account review and we proposed a tailored Roadmap of Security improvements working towards a compliance level of at least Cyber Essentials. The immediate challenge was to enhance email security swiftly and remotely across the organisation without causing any disruption to services.

Solution: Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

In response to the challenge of securing Chucs’ sensitive data including customer payment information, and reservation records, we devised a multi-pronged IT Support solution. We implemented a Multi-Factor Authentication solution quickly to ensure a continued high level of client experience, and avoid any loss of service to customers.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Activation: As an initial step, we recommended the activation of 2FA / Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Chucs’ Microsoft 365 environment. This service introduced an extra layer of security to email accounts, effectively thwarting potential breaches resulting from credential stuffing or similar password compromise.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication / MFA?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires multiple forms of verification to allow access to a digital resource. It is a method of confirming a user’s identity by combining elements together. These can be: 

  • Information the user knows (like a password or pin). 
  • Possession that the user has (such as a mobile device). 
  • Characteristics inherent to the user (like a fingerprint).  

These additional levels of verification improve security, and decrease the probability that an attacker could impersonate a user and gain access to computers, accounts or other sensitive data. 

Additional IT Support Services:

In addition to MFA, we offered a number of other IT Support Services to support Chucs Restaurants:

Team Training: Our Operations Manager Jason conducted on-boarding for the team to ensure they were aware of the benefits of MFA, the rationale behind these new features, and assisted in the installation of the Microsoft Authenticator App onto their smart phone’s.

Hardware and software set up: Our dedicated IT team will configure each computer, laptop or devices to fulfil the specific needs of the users. Not only does this set up ensure that the users can get started quickly, but also has a significant impact on employee satisfaction. This can help the new employee feel welcome joining a new team. 

Licences of 365: We provide Chucs with the latest Microsoft Office 365 products for a monthly subscription. This allows Chucs to use all the services that they need, and have the flexibility to adapt as they go. We manage the subscription as a Microsoft Silver Partner to provide the client with the exact services needed, without paying for any unnecessary packages, and we manage this service. 

Threat detection monitoring system: Chucs has also been added to our monitoring system, where we offer monitoring and threat detection. We offer proactive and early warning of potential problems, and assist in resolving any issues before they develop further. 

The benefits of implementing our IT Support Services: 

Enhanced Data Security: MFA ensures an additional layer of protection, safeguarding, sensitive customer data, including payment information and reservation records, from unauthorised access or breaches. 

Reduced Cyber Threats: By integrating MFA, the risk of unauthorised access due to password compromises or credential stuffing is significantly minimised, reducing the likelihood of potential data breaches or cyber-attacks. 

Improved Client Experience: The implementation of MFA ensures a seamless and secure experience for Chucs’ clients, enhancing their confidence in the restaurant’s commitment to protect their sensitive information. 

Operational Efficiency: By ensuring that the team has been trained effectively, provided correctly set up devices, with the latest Microsoft software, we have empowered the staff of Chucs to continue their day to day operations. The team at Chucs is confident in our support, and with our monitoring system, are being proactive in their cybersecurity to ensure they can continue providing the excellent dining experience that they are known for. 

Future Outlook: Expanding Security Measures

Chucs Restaurants' proactive engagement with security improvements has paved the way for broader enhancements across their IT estate. As they continue to fortify their digital infrastructure, they are positioned to uphold their reputation for culinary excellence while ensuring the utmost security for their customers' sensitive information.

In collaboration with LP Networks, Chucs has taken a substantial stride towards enhancing cybersecurity, adopting measures that resonate with the evolving threat landscape. We continue to work closely with Chucs to support their dedication to their customers and to provide IT Support services.

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