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Secure Password Management tool Case Study - NAMA

The Customer

Our client, Not Another Marketing Agency ( NAMA for short) is a passionate and effective Marketing & Business Consultancy Agency in Kent. They work with their clients to help them build their businesses, this includes providing marketing plans and strategies as well as Business consultancy. 

The Challenge

NAMA has been a client of LP Networks for over a year now and we are proud to have Tabitha as LP Networks Marketing & Business consultant. Over this time Not Another Marketing Agency has turned to LP Networks, as a well trusted, affordable IT Managed Service Provider, with good knowledge, experience, and an appetite to keep up to date on the latest technology innovations.

NAMA was searching for a solution to keep all of the passwords they hold in a secure way whilst having easy access to them from varying devices.

The Solution

Keeper is a password manager that allows users to store online login credentials, documents and images, and other sensitive information in an encrypted digital web vault. Users can also store two-factor authentication codes. The keeper will generate random passwords which it then remembers.

These are the steps we took to do this...

  • Initial set up a Keeper account for NAMA and this included installing the software on two machines.
  • Importation of passwords from various locations where NAMA had them currently saved
  • Personalised training call via Teams with the MD to go through the features, to explain how the Keeper tool will be a more efficient and effective way of password management as well as being more secure for her and her customer data. NAMA only needs to remember the one strong Keeper password, and keeper will do the rest.
  • Finally, we ran through NAMA’s current password score and worked with them to improve passwords, so they are as strong as possible.


  • Keeper is the first line of defence against identity breaches.

  • Users only have to remember one Keeper password and Keeper will do the rest and so removes the pain of having to remember password.

  • Top rated mobile, desktop and browser apps enhance productivity for users

  • Ultimate security, visibility, and control.

  • Time saving


What our Client Says

Being about to keep our passwords in a secure but accessible form was an essential requirement for any proposed solution.  Being about to seamlessly move all our passwords into one vault, generate extra strong passwords as required, whilst have the time (and therefore cost) saving from having all our passwords at our fingertips has provided the perfect solution.



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