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Security Awareness Training Case Study - Watching That

The Customer

Our Client, Watching That is a leading video Intelligence platform designed to help online video content publishers and broadcasters drive their highest possible fill rates.

The Challenge

Watching That understand the importance of investing in their IT and Cyber Security. Having already invested in improving their hardware and software security within the business, LP Networks undertook a GAP analysis of current internal training and highlighted additional staff training that could further increase the security of the systems and processes already in place.

Across all industries, there has been a significant increase in phishing emails as well as more sophisticated targeted Cyber & Ransomware attacks trying to leverage the lack of staff awareness surrounding potential threats.

Watching That were keen to ensure that staff are as forearmed as possible.

The Solution

Having identified the GAP, we implemented KnowBe4 Enterprise Awareness Training Program, the leader in Security Awareness programmes.

  • We identified all relevant users that the User Awareness Training should be applied too.
  • We configured the platform, with a focus on providing frequent awareness to the userbase.
  • All employees will receive the weekly latest scam information in an email.
  • Additionally, every 3 weeks they are invited to watch a quick video and answer some questions relating to the video.
  • Finally, employees will randomly be sent fake phishing emails in an attempt to make sure they are being vigilant. Any employee who opens one of these emails will then be given additional awareness training.


The staff within this business now receive a number of frequent reminders through multiple methods that phishing emails are dangerous and for everyone to be vigilant at all times.

Additional benefits of User Awareness Training is: If a business is compromised due to a cyber security breech, and they can prove that they have taken steps to attempted to train their employees any potential ICO fine, could be reduced.

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