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LP Networks – ISO14001 Certification Announced

LP Networks are constantly researching how to improve our offering for our staff and clients and we are proud to announce that we have been certified at ISO14001 compliant.

What’s ISO14001?

ISO14001 encourages companies and organisations to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and reduce costs. By introducing an Environmental Management System, we have decided to consider how all levels of our operations impact on the environment. It also means that we will consider the environmental impact of our suppliers as well.

What will ISO14001 mean to you, our clients?

LP Networks have always worked hard to ensure that we offer our customers the best service at the best price. Now we are ISO14001 accredited, we can continue to push to improve our environmental footprint and pass on any money savings to you our customers.

LP Networks has just past their 15th Anniversary and continues to be recognised via a range of accreditations and partnerships such as Sophos MSP Connect Silver, Microsoft Silver Partner, CompTIA, Business Awards and  ISO9001.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you with your business’ IT requirements get in touch on 0800 970 8980 or email enquiries@lpnet.devpod.uk

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