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Dark Web Monitoring

For every business, it’s important to take your data security seriously and one of the best ways of keeping your data and systems secure is to use a Dark Web Monitoring Tool.

In the majority of cases where data and information have been hacked or phished, it finds its way to sales sites on the Dark Web. When A study in 2019 found that 60% of Dark Web listings could be potentially harmful to businesses.

How can you protect your business?

Aside from ensuring that your team is fully trained in password health (ensuring that they regularly change their passwords and don’t opt for something that’s easily hackable) you can use a Dark Web Monitoring Tool.

LP Networks offers a Dark Web monitoring service that provides you with reports of any usernames and passwords connected to your business that is listed on the Dark Web. We detail old information that is listed and also set up alerts that let you know if any new information is up for sale.

Using a Dark Web Monitoring Tool not only keeps your business safe but can also protect your personal accounts. This is because people use the same password for multiple accounts, e.g. online banking, social media, and work logins. If a hacker has access to one password and username, it can open the flood gates to not only hacking your business, but also potentially stealing your identity.


Our Dark Web monitoring service costs only £50 per month for business domains, providing you with the protection you need should the worst happen and your business is hacked or phished.

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