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Why is Data Encryption Important to my Business?

Data encryption in its simplest terms refers to translating data into another form or code that can only be read by someone with access to a secret key (a decryption key) or password. Data that has been encrypted is usually called ciphertext, while if it is unencrypted it is known as plaintext.

Encryption is currently one of the most effective and popular security methods available to organisations.

Why is this important to my business?

If you’ve had the opportunity to read our blog about GDPR you will already understand the importance of ensuring that all of your data is secure and can only be accessed by the right people at the right moments. Encryption is basically the key to your online filing cabinet.

The ICO says that organisations have to think about the state of technological developments and the cost of them when they are looking at implementing security measures, but also argues that as data encryption can be easily implemented and is well-understood, it will usually form part of any security measures that a business puts in place. Or, to translate, “if you aren’t using data encryption, you really could find yourself in some trouble should you have a data breach”.

“Where such losses occur, and where encryption has not been used to protect the data, it is possible that regulatory action may be pursued. This is particularly the case given the widespread availability of encryption solutions and the ease with which you can deploy them in your organisation.”

How will encryption protect my data?

Data encryption is now available for devices, emails, files and data. It not only protects against losing sensitive information but also protects your system from malware introduced from external devices. For example, enabling auto-encryption means that any data that your company owns is still secure even if it leaves your infrastructure, is uploaded to a cloud or downloaded onto an external hard drive. Unless the person attempting to open the door to your information has the right key, they won’t be able to gain access.

This isn’t something that you need to deal with on your own. Employing an IT specialist, such as LP Networks, to maintain and run your security and infrastructure, means that you will have access to the most up to date encryption available. They can also advise on all of your security needs.

How secure is your data?

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