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The benefits of using Cloud based software Office365

Posted 24th November 2018

The benefits of using Cloud based software Office365

Anyone who has come in contact with a computer over the last 20 years will be aware of Microsoft Office. The system that gave us Word, PowerPoint and Excel has become synonymous with office-based tasks and is considered essential for many businesses.

However, the old system was a bit of a nightmare, constant licence updates, new versions of software which made documents incompatible, and an inability to backup work simply and easily to a Cloud, meant that users found themselves having to sign up to and utilise numerous Cloud based systems.  Microsoft listened. Enter Office365.

Office365 is more than just a set of tools that we use to write documents or create spreadsheets, it’s a new way of working and provides small and medium-sized businesses with safety, security and flexibility that they may not have experienced before.

The LP Networks team has compiled just a few reasons why Office365 is a smart solution for your business.

Keep your business running, no matter what happens

Heaven forbid that something happens to your IT Infrastructure. LP Networks have a number of solutions to protect you from hacking and viruses, but we can’t fix flood and fire damage. Office365 enables subscribers to back up all of their documents and work to a Cloud, meaning that if the worst should happen, all of your important information is still available and your business can continue running. This is an invaluable service as statistics collected by the US Institute for Business and Home Safety in 2015, showed that 25% of small businesses who suffer a major disaster aren’t able to reopen or rebuild.

Data security and control over your documents

Office365 enables you to store all your data securely in a Cloud. This means that you always know where your data is and that you can always access it. It also means that if you drop your laptop, or spill a cup of tea over it, everything document will be safely and easily accessible from another machine.

Work anywhere at any time

You suddenly have to stay home because your child is throwing up or your car doesn’t start in the morning, with Office365 you can access everything that you were working on at the office. Making all of your documents accessible on the Cloud means that all you need is an internet connection to access your important work folders.

Get organised

We’ve all had that moment when you need to find contact details but you can’t remember where you wrote them or which device they were stored on. With Office365 any contacts that you input on your computer, tablet or phone are automatically synced across all of your devices, meaning that you will always have your contacts at your fingertips. This also applies to calendars and email!

Predictable costs

Office365 is paid for by monthly subscription, meaning that you don’t have to find a big upfront fee in one go. This is an excellent solution for small businesses on tight budgets and enables them to predict their IT costs throughout the year. LP Networks incorporate the monthly subscription for Office365 into their monthly bill, so you only have to pay once.

No more licencing nightmares

How do you make sure that everyone is using the same software version? When new computers and servers are installed, small businesses can find themselves paying for multiple licences for different versions of the same product. Office365 works differently and includes a licence that can be deployed across all users, meaning that everyone has the same version of Office and get upgrades at the same time.

Security bolt-ons

LP Networks provide a variety of security bolt-ons that work alongside Office365 and ensure that your data is fully protected. From Cloud based email filtering services to email backups, there are a variety of solutions that can be used to protect your sensitive data and keep your business protected from threats.

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