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The LP Lowdown 26th Edition - 19th August 2021

Posted 9th August 2021

The LP Lowdown 26th Edition - 19th August 2021

Have you gone dark? Using Dark Mode on your different devices is proving to have some potentially interesting benefits, from saving battery power through to preventing eyestrain.  Wired have an interesting article on the benefits and how to activity the dark mode on both IOS and Android.

Further to our last LP Lowdown Sky news have issued a more detailed article on Smart devices security issues...Register Free to Keep Reading

Also in this edition:

Using an MSP – Four scenarios where businesses should switch to a Managed Service Provider
Anonymous Client – LitePro package
Steve's Security Space
LP Internal News: Congratulations to our IT Technicians for gaining more qualifications.

LP Networks will be entering this years Best of Royal Greenwich Business Awards

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