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Why you need IT experts to help you move offices

Posted 4th July 2023

Why you need IT experts to help you move offices

We’ve all seen the callouts on social media from our friends when they move to a new home; that desperate plea for DVDs because their internet isn’t up and running yet and they can’t stream TV. Of course, it’s a standard expectation for any home move and something you can usually put up with for a couple of weeks. But what if your company was moving premises and was left without internet access or working IT? How much would it impact your business?

No premises move is ever simple; there are offices to pack up, furniture to buy (or sell if you are downsizing), addresses and websites to update. It’s stressful before you even consider how to ensure continuity of service.

Involving an experienced MSP will reduce your stress levels

One thing that you can do to bring a little peace of mind to your move is to involve a team of IT experts who can ensure that your technology moves seamlessly to your new location. From setting up workstations, printers, servers, and your new network, to ensuring that your team have phone and internet connectivity from the get-go.

Getting the right equipment

Upsizing or downsizing your office space can inevitably mean that you need to order some new tech equipment. While it may be tempting (and was in the past) to order from third-party suppliers, import paperwork and new tariffs can make it more expensive and can cause delays.

LP Networks partner directly with suppliers, reducing the supply chain and ensuring that you get your new equipment when you need it.

Working seamlessly with your in-house team

If you have an internal IT department, they undoubtedly have enough on their plates already in the day to day running of your business. Incorporating an MSP into your moving plans allows your IT Technicians to continue focussing on their important projects while LP provide the preparation and delivery for your move. Our team pride themselves on working alongside in-house staff, working with a common aim to complete projects to the highest standard.

Keeping your business connected

As we said at the start, moving premises can mean that your company suddenly finds itself offline. This can dramatically affect business continuity. In a previous project working with the National Fostering Agency (NFA), our team managed to provide cloud and network access to the NFA’s 500 strong team by providing temporary 4G routers. Combined with VoIP calling and a customised Cloud Solution, NFA could carry on business as usual.

Remove Wi-Fi blackspots

You’ve done it; you’ve moved buildings and have picked yourself out the perfect place to work. The only problem is that you seem to be in a Wi-Fi blackspot. Working with an MSP from the moment you start planning your move can significantly reduce the likelihood of searching to find the best Wi-Fi spot instead of the best working spot. As an MSP working in partnership with CISCO Meraki and Datto, LP Networks offer a Managed Wi-Fi service tailored to your business’s needs.

Streamline and change processes

An office move always symbolises a fresh start, even if it’s down to new office plants and working out where to store the teabags. But it also provides an opportunity to assess your existing IT provision and processes and identify ways to improve them. Building an IT strategy should go hand in hand with any upsizing or downsizing. Firstly, it enables you to budget for future outlays, enabling you to future-proof your business. Secondly, it allows you to step back and look at where your resources are being focussed.

For example, do you need servers when a Cloud Solution and remote backups would work just as well? Or does your business need fixed PCs when your team may work more efficiently using laptops? All these considerations can ultimately increase productivity and save you money.

Chat to some IT experts

No matter the size of your business, our team are here to help you make your move as smooth as possible. So if you’re considering moving premises, get in touch for a chat.

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