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Have you read our latest Masthead article?

Posted 16th December 2021

Have you read our latest Masthead article?

One of the things that LP Networks is really proud of is that we don’t just keep our expertise and advice to ourselves. We believe in sharing information and news that could affect business IT. As small businesses, we’re all in this together, so it makes sense to share our knowledge with the wider community.

This month Lee did just that, with his latest article in The Masthead, the official magazine for the southeast London Chamber of Commerce. His focus is something that should be at the forefront of every business’ minds, ransomware attacks.

Ransomware attacks can happen to any business or organisation, no matter how large or small they are, and can be devastating. In the November issue of The Masthead, Lee explains how companies can begin to protect themselves in order to maintain continuity of service and protect valuable information.

You can read the full piece here on page 24 and if you have any questions or concerns about whether your IT systems are properly protected, just get in touch.

Business Cyber Risk Scorecard

Business Cyber Risk Scorecard

Long gone are the days of having an Anti-virus software on your device and thinking thats you covered, its now a fast moving and evolving landscape that needs constant awareness on whats happening, a multi-layered approach to protecting the business networks and data, and expert advice. 

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