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Read about our latest community partnership with Deaf Umbrella Job Club

Posted 16th January 2019

Last year LP Networks donated some reconditioned machines to a local employment programme aimed at assisting people who suffer hearing loss to find their way into work. Deaf Umbrella CIC is an amazing not-for-profit that makes a massive difference to our local community. So, it makes sense for LP Networks to support them as this year’s chosen good cause.

There are currently around 22,000 people in Bromley who are registered deaf. For many people with hearing impairments, it can be difficult to find long term paid work. When you think about it, just getting through a job interview could be difficult and daunting if the interviewer doesn’t speak sign language and a person has communication difficulties.

Deaf Umbrella Job Club provides fully funded and sponsored pre-employment training for deaf people, helping them to prepare for job interviews, improve their confidence, and engage with employers. This invaluable resource places 1 person in work every month (the national average is 1 person every 6 months).

It costs around £10,500 a year to open the job club for 1 day a week and this is currently funded by staff donating time and by interpreters offsetting their time in lieu. Any new funds would go towards funding the club for a second day every week, meaning more people will be able to find employment and improved confidence.

The LP team have decided to donate this year’s Fantasy Football money to Deaf Umbrella Job Club along with any money raised from other fundraising initiatives. Keep your eyes peeled for some quizzes (which we plan to make fully accessible so club members can field teams of their own) and some other charity events. LP Networks also plan to offer free support for every PC used by Deaf Job Club, ensuring that their users have the right tools that they need to take the first step on their career journeys.

Keep checking back to read our latest fundraising news and to find out about upcoming events.

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