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Six ways that Cloud solutions can help your small business.

Posted 30th November 2021

Six ways that Cloud solutions can help your small business.

As a business owner you must be sick and tired of reading about remote working and Covid-19, but the two have undoubtedly had an impact on the way you run your business. While the last two years has been filled with many negatives, there has been one IT positive; businesses have started using Cloud Computing. Whether you were forced onto the Cloud by lockdown or already used it and discovered extra benefits, it’s undeniable that the power of the Cloud needs to be held on to as the world recovers.

Big business and multinational companies have been using the Cloud for a while, it makes sense when they have people working all around the world and has allowed for streamlining and improved efficiency, but can SMEs achieve the same benefits from their investment? We’d argue that the answer is “yes”.

Remote collaboration

Using the Cloud allows you and your team to work from anywhere. You can meet, share ideas, and work on the same documents using any device connected to the internet. This improved flexibility has been shown to improve employee morale and productivity. No more missing an important meeting because a child is off school ill, reduced commutes into offices or to see clients, the benefits are endless.

Keeping your business running

We all know someone who has lost a phone and along with it all the photos they had of their children. The same can happen to laptops and hard drives. Backing up and storing work on the Cloud means that if the worst happens (which includes spilling a cup of tea over your laptop) all of your files are safely accessible from another device.

Most Cloud based apps offer automatic backup and recovery, meaning that if your hardware lets you down, your business can carry on running.

Improve your storage and sustainability

One of the biggest uses of Cloud services is for file storage. Most businesses need a safe, secure and reliable place to keep their vital and important information. Using the Cloud enables you to store your data without the need for servers and provides options on who can access and edit each document.

Additionally, Cloud storage increases the likelihood of your business being able to go paperless, thereby increasing your environmental credentials and saving money on printing costs.

Data Security

We understand that the idea of saving your sensitive data to somewhere that isn’t physically in your offices and relying on a third party to look after it could be worrying to small business owners. Cloud Service Providers also understand and have equipped their products with various extra security features including two-factor authorisation and blockchain technology to make it harder for cybercriminals to hack your files.

If you think of it like this, Cloud Providers have to have a reputation for keeping data safe, so it makes sense that it’ll be more secure with them than sitting on your desktop.

Cloud solutions can grow with your business

One of the best things about Cloud solutions is that they are scalable and can grow (or reduce) as your business needs them. You can start by paying for the storage capacity you need and increase usage as you need it.

This means that you aren’t hit with massive up-front costs.

Cloud Based Email

Another area where businesses can maximise the Cloud services that they may already be using is by switching to Cloud based email. Hosting your email on the Cloud removes the need for onsite servers, ultimately saving you money from maintenance and running costs.

Is it time to put your head in the clouds?

Whether you already use the Cloud or are thinking about moving over to a Cloud based solution, the team at LP Networks are always available to help. We can advise you on how to get the best out of your existing Cloud solutions and can help you find products that are perfectly suited to your business. Get in touch for a chat.

Cyber Essentials Guide

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Being proactive with your IT and creating long-term IT strategy can provide your business with many benefits. Not only does it enable you to plan ahead, factoring in future costs that your business will incur, it also allows you to plan for potential catastrophic events such as natural disasters or cyberattacks.

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