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The Importance of Upgrading Outdated Software & Hardware: Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Security

Posted 13th May 2024

The Importance of Upgrading Outdated Software & Hardware: Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Security

Many businesses are constantly busy, juggling many plates and working on strategies, so elements such as keeping software and hardware up to date can often be overlooked. Businesses can also continue to rely on outdated systems, using hardware that may be several years out of date and running software that is no longer supported by its manufacturer. This can significantly increase the risk to both the security and functionality of the business, leaving it vulnerable to cyber threats but also decreasing its ability to adapt to new technologies and software. We’re here to tell you why you should update that older software and hardware today. 

Outdated hardware, particularly when it’s between 7 to 10 years old can lead to a range of challenges and issues. Firstly, it can be susceptible to safety risks, vulnerabilities and malfunctions and so can become less reliable over time. These failures can lead to disruptions in business operations, leading to costly downtime and damage to data and systems. The outdated hardware can also lack support for modern technology and software features which means you can be missing out on faster and better technology which could be helping your business work more seamlessly. 

On top of hardware concerns, outdated software can also pose a significant security risk to your business. Software that is no longer supported by its manufacturer, commonly known as end-of-life (EOL) software can no longer receive security patches or updates, which can lead to businesses being exposed to potential cyber-attacks or software malfunctions that cannot be fixed. Also with the impending end of support of Windows 10 in October 2025, now is the best time for businesses to prioritise the replacement of outdated software to make sure they remain protected and have the full use of their systems as well as protecting themselves from sophisticated and ever emerging cyber attacks.  

Upgrading outdated hardware and software can also offer other benefits beyond enhanced security. Updated hardware can help improve performance, efficiency and reliability which allows businesses the ability to operate more effectively and competitively. Upgrading your software can also unlock your access to new features and capabilities which can enable your business to streamline work tasks, improve collaboration and gain better data insights to help improve decision making. 

Instead of replacing all your software and hardware at once, which can have issues in itself, it’s recommended to have a phased replacement to ensure the long term security and functionality of your business. Firstly it’s best to identify and prioritise outdated systems to replace, that can offer minimal disruption to business operations. You can then allocate resources strategically, focusing on critical systems and departments before expanding the upgrade to less critical parts of your business. 

When going through the process to update hardware and software, businesses should engage with their IT support that can help guide them with expertise throughout the process. They can also access your businesses current technology infrastructure and help develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your businesses specific needs and budget. Using them to oversee your implementation and testing of your new hardware and software systems will help to ensure a smooth transition.

The importance of upgrading your outdated software and hardware is something that shouldn’t be overlooked in today’s technology heavy society. By replacing your outdated systems, your business can decrease security risks, enhance operational efficiency and help increase the potential for future growth. Also with the support of your IT team, you can easily navigate the complexities of technology upgrades with confidence and ensure your company remains competitive and resilient to an ever changing business landscape. 

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