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We can help you prepare your IT for the potential impact of the Corona Virus.

Posted 12th March 2020

As we are sure you are aware of the news that Italy as a nation has been put in lockdown, we have to consider the impact if the same measures are taken in the UK.

We issued some articles and direct emails to clients to please consider this eventuality, but these are serious considerations that need to be addressed if you are to function post a lockdown scenario.

The potential period is likely to be 7-14 days and so this will heavily impact business of all sizes and lets consider some areas to put an emergency Business Continuity Plan in place for.

Staff – Who do you need to run the vital functions of the business – identify the key roles, persons and they should have complete remote working ability

Network – does your office network allow remote access into the servers/applications? Do you have a secure VPN? Do the relevant users have access?

Applications – What services are hosted on-premises and what’s in the cloud? If on premises do the staff have VPN access to the network? If the cloud, do they have the relevant external links/apps for that product?

Phones – how does your phone system work, is it a IP system with the ability to logon with a ‘soft’ phone remotely? Do you have a non-geo number available? Can you forward key numbers to another location?

Email – Delivery of email is not be affected by the lockdown, regardless of if the email is on-premises or in the cloud. Access should continue as normal. You may need to ensure Webmail access is working and issue to staff the external link to access their mailbox. Get users to test this in advance.

Devices – Quickly, start to review your staff (and certainly key staff primarily), do they have laptops? Do they have mobile phones or softphone as mentioned above? Do they have working Internet access at home?

General items – how will deliveries be taken if you rely on products delivered to the office? Payroll – do you still run manual payslips, can you run payroll and send slips later?

If you require any assistance in preparing your business for the potential impact of the corona virus then please get in touch on 0800 970 8980 or email enquiries@lpnetworks.com

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