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Customer Satisfaction is vital

Great customer service is one of the best commodities that a business can have and something that is rarely fed back. If we go out for dinner and the food is terrible, we quickly make sure that everyone knows, via a TripAdvisor review or just word of mouth, but it’s rare to mention excellent service unprompted.

Similarly, when you’re working remotely with a company, it can sometimes be a challenge to let them know if you are unhappy about something as there is no obvious face to feedback to.

At LP Networks we believe that a happy customer is the best customer and we like our clients to know that we care about and listen to their needs and concerns. After all, if we didn’t listen, how would we know how to improve our services. As a result, we have a new integrated system specifically designed to cross reference and monitor the stats and data related to our helpdesk calls.

In addition, we also have a customer service questionnaire, designed to enable clients to feedback on every step of a client’s journey through our helpdesk system. The questionnaire won’t take long to answer and will provide us with valuable data and information that will assist us in maintaining, what we believe is, our outstanding levels of customer service.

Because we consider ourselves as partners in our customers’ businesses, maintaining functions and infrastructures that keep their companies running smoothly, we need to understand where our service has the biggest impact and where we can make all important improvements. In much the same way that we want to be told how fantastic we are, we also need to hear if a delay has caused concern.

So, if you get an email asking how we did, be honest. You won’t hurt our feelings and, if it’s great feedback, you could put a grin on our faces.

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