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Cloud Solutions iconYou may be asking what the Cloud Solutions are, after all there are so many buzzwords and bits of jargon in IT.

Basically, the Cloud refers to anything that is hoste
d away from your offices and servers. You may probably already use the Cloud on your phone to store music and photos, keeping your memory usage low, but it can also be a really handy tool for businesses.

Experience Cloud based Solutions Provider

LP Networks has extensive experience in implementing and assisting businesses with a variety of Cloud based solutions. These can vary from hosting an infrastructure remotely to email provision, or even online backups and hosted desktops. The possibilities are endless and can be private, public or a mixture of both, which we call a hybrid solution.

A Public Cloud is probably the type that most of us are familiar with and provides a virtual environment, accessible over the Internet, that can be used by many users. These could be a hosted desktop of a document sharing platform for example, and are usually paid for through subscriptions.

A Private Cloud offers similar systems and services, but is exclusive to your business and offers higher levels of security. Combining both of these options creates a Hybrid Cloud, which allows users to tailor their usage specifically related to their business’ requirements.

Find out what the cloud can do for your business

LP Networks advise on and implement the following:Cloud Solutions accompanying image

  • Private Cloud (business owned kit in secure datacentre with private links to internal private WAN)

  • Hosted Infrastructure (CSP hosted virtual servers on a monthly subscription)

  • Office 365 hosted or hybrid office platform

  • Managed Workplace folder (secure collaborative file sync and share)

  • Hosted Desktop (virtual desktops hosted in the cloud)

  • Website Hosting (dedicated VDS server or shared platform)

  • Hosted VOIP telephony

You may find our blog on The benefits of using Cloud based software useful.

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