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The LP Lowdown 12th Edition - 4th February 2021

Posted 12th February 2021

The LP Lowdown 12th Edition - 4th February 2021
The LP Lowdown

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If you consider the security of your home there are obvious starting points and easy wins. Do the external doors have 5 lever mortice deadlocks, do you shut the windows when you go out and do you have window locks. But then there are additional layers of security you can add such as a cctv and alarm system.  Similarly, there are obvious starting points when looking at a company’s cyber security defences patch management to name just one. But how do you know what else you need? Where is it best to spend your money to make the most impact?

Aside from engaging the services of a cyber security expert for general advice, you can request (or may be advised) to under go a penetration test of your company’s defences. Penetration Testing (Pen Testing for short) is basically an ethical form of hacking used by businesses to help them become more cybersecure...Register Free to Keep Reading

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